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NGC 602
At the edge of the Small Magellanic Cloud sits this beautiful star cluster. While only 5 million years old, it boasts a multitude of stars and ongoing star formation. This image spans roughly 20 light-years, highlighting the sheer size of this cluster. The galaxies in the background are millions of light-years past NGC 602. (more at APOD/NASA)

Image Credit: X-ray: Chandra: NASA/CXC/Univ.Potsdam/L.Oskinova et al;
Optical: Hubble: NASA/STScI; Infrared: Spitzer: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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The Battle of the Argonne (1959) | 🖼: Rene Magritte

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me checking the doom patrol tag on here every day knowing nothing new is ever going to be there:

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Be The Doom Patrol You Wish To See In The Waterfall, OP.

“As the Shadows Rise.“  : Pär Strömberg(Swedish, b.1972) 2009 

“Night” (Mullein) by Helen Gotlib

hand colored with liquid acrylic paint & silver iridescent watercolor

Adam Jeppesen |
AR – Chalten 2, 2014, Archival inkjet print on folded ricepaper, framed, 148 x 117 cm, 5 Ed.

Adam Jeppesen |
AR – Chalten 2, 2014, Archival inkjet print on folded ricepaper, framed, 148 x 117 cm, 5 Ed.

Knife (culinary tool)

"This knife formed part of the traditional jewellery of a Greek or Albanian woman.

Knives like this were a compulsory part of the dowry among the nomadic Sarakatsani herders, who wore them hanging from their belt on a long silver chain. This one has rich silver-gilt decoration on its handle, and a large loop to fasten it to its owner. It was bought for £1 8s. at the International Exhibition, London, in 1872, when it was described as Albanian. "

"Clasp knife with silver-gilt handle and steel blade. The handle is made of two curved halves, with cast decoration on each side. The blade is serrated on the back edge, and decorated on both sides with a stippled geometric pattern. There are two small discs of copper set in the centre of the blade. At the top of the knife, where the blade joins the handle, there is a hinged fob with a hole at the top for suspension."


Clouds by Jeffrey Heyne

Nobuyoshi Araki, Set of 6 Ku Ka,1997

Gold spoon with coral handle

"Spoon with a silver-gilt bowl and a handle formed from a branch of red coral. The bowl of the spoon bears an unidentified shield of arms a coronet and initials. It is further decorated with elaborate scrolling patterns and the gilt bottom of the handle is decorated with classical heads in low relief. These heads represent, most probably the goddess Diana, since they have a crescent moon, her personal emblem, above them."

" Coral was not only beautiful, it was also believed to have a range of protective properties, including the ability to ward off malignant magic. Its use in sixteenth-century cutlery shows not only the fashion for combining beautiful, natural materials with the goldsmith's skill to make a functional, domestic object, but also suggests persisting concerns about poisoned food, a danger which the presence of coral could avert.

This particular spoon is decorated with an image of the goddess Diana, identifiable by the crescent moon she wears in her hair. Diana, the Classical goddess of the moon and of hunting, and her image here may refer to the owner's name or personal emblem. The coat of arms and initials on the back of the spoon bowl have been engraved at a later date, and suggest the spoon formed part of gifts commemorating a marriage."


Emil Nolde (1867-1956)
Herbstmeer XVII (1911)
oil on canvas 73.6 x 89.9 cm

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Morning Sky | 📷: pixelant

Blue and Silver The Chopping Channel by James McNeill Whistler